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In the rapidly evolving world of payments, there is a bewildering array of resources.

On this page, we have assembled a few resources that you may find useful. Click or browse below for interviews, presentations, research papers and other resources.

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'Pay Rage And Partnerships, Tom Layman and Linda Perry on the International Acquiring Forum (IAF) | November 2013

Top payments executives, came together at the industry's first truly international conference designed for acquirers, processors and PSPs. The C level executives attending the conference had plenty to say to each other- even when they didn't speak the same language. Founders of the IAF included Global Vision Group, Linda Perry and the ETA.

DRF Educating Payment Professionals | Spring 2013

EMV or what is commonly referred to as "Chip and PIN," has been adopted by the major card networks as the technology standard to reduce counterfeit and lost or stolen card transactions. EMV has been adopted in most all global markets by issuers and acquirers. What many US merchants don't realize - especially Card Not Present (CNP) merchants - is the gathering storm of costs this technology will bring as it is implemented in the United States.

Sky Radio Network | 25 March 2003 | Also Aired on Select In-Flight Airline Programming

Consumer debt continues to soar, fueling a record in personal bankruptcies. In this segment of ABI's "Bankruptcy Today" for the Sky Radio Network, Judge William H. Brown, bankruptcy judge for the Western District of Tennessee, and Thomas A. Layman of Global Vision Group (formerly chief economist at Visa U.S.A.) discuss the causes and consequences of personal bankruptcy.



Presentation by Thomas Layman at CPI Global Commerical Cards & Payments Summit | 2012

The presentation looks at the different elements that make up commercial card revenues and how these vary from region to region, with particular differences noted in the rates of annual fees and interest fees between US and the rest of the world. Additional topics covered in the report are Benefits and Challenges of Partnership and Benefits and Challenges of Self-Issuance for commercial issuers looking to satisfy the needs of their multinational clients.

Global Vision Group at ETA Conference | 2009

“What is the story on all the old and new payment methods available? How do you keep track of the shifts and changes—especially looking forward over the next few years? This highly interactive presentation starts with actual consumer data on acceptance of the various payment types in well-known segments. Thought leaders will then give us a comprehensive assessment and debate the possibilities, realities and changes they expect in the future of electronic payments.  This presentation is packed with thought-provoking trends and case studies on how these trends could transform the payments landscape over the next 5 years or so.”

Global Vision Group | 1997-2006

This GVGroup presentation gives an overview of the bankcard system, with a focus on credit bankcards. It contains a high level discussion of what a bankcard is and how it differs from other card-based payment products. The presentation shows what happens behind the scenes of a simple transaction between a cardholder and merchant, including the authorization and transaction settlement flows. In addition, the presentation contains an overview of how credit card issuers solicit accounts and decide who gets and who does not get a card, as well as what happens during the life cycle of a credit account. Finally, the presentation provides an overview of how banks manage credit bankcard risk.

Research Papers

Written by Global Vision Group for a major payment brand | 2005

Trust is an essential component of financial systems. Establishing and maintaining trust is an endless battle that pits financial institutions and governments against would-be criminals. This paper, prepared by Global Vision Group and published by the leading payments brand, describes how transactions are moving away from cash and checks toward electronic payments, and how one payment brand works to prevent criminal activity in the payment chain.


Global Insights from the First International Acquiring Forum | By Thomas A. Layman, Linda Perry and Kevin Atwood

Electronic payments professionals from twenty countries recently participated in the first International Acquiring Forum (IAF). These specialists in merchant acquiring convened in London, U.K. to address the globalization of the merchant acquiring business and to recognize the importance of acquirers, payment service providers and processors in today's increasingly complex payments industry. Presentations centered on the realities of the international payments marketplace and the ensuing discussions revealed key themes regarding the international expansion of the acquiring industry. N>Genuity is a magazine distributed by TSYS to keep their business partners up to date of the latest industry news.

By Thomas A. Layman and Vinod Zalpuri | Published in Horizon, Issue 6--Winter 2012, Discover Network Services

This article was written for Discover as part of their Horizon publication. Discover distributes this newsletter to its business partners to keep them up-to-date on the latest news and information regarding the payments landscape as well as Discover.


ClearCommerce Corporation

"This Fraud Prevention Guide provides guidelines for online merchants on how to design and implement a best practice risk management process and in particular how to leverage the fraud management functionality provided by the ClearCommerce Engine. Successful and cost effective fraud prevention cannot be achieved by exclusively implementing one of the several fraud detection tools currently available..."

Silent Runner

"Risk management has reached a new level of importance in the information age. The growth of networked information systems and distributed computing has created a potentially dangerous environment..."

Xacta Corporation

"Xacta Corporation develops innovative enterprise risk management software that empowers organizations to proactively manage and monitor the security of their network environments in accordance with information security and privacy standards, regulations, guidelines and industry best practices..."

Beyond Managed Hosting: Why Smart Companies Are Choosing an Independent Management Partner to Ensure Uptime and Control Costs

Xacta Corporation

"The growing turbulence in the hosting provider market is causing e-business managers to re-think their web-site support strategies. This white paper discusses how a new model is emerging in which the infrastructure services of one or more hosting providers are complemented by the specialized, high-value services of an independent third-party management partner like InterOPS Management Solutions..."



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